Hi, my name is…Mia

Thanks for clicking onto my blog! And I’m pretty sure that this won’t be your last visit here, right? 

My name is Mia Colvin and I currently live in Southern California, Irvine to be exact. The place with lots of shopping centers.  

I’m glad that I can finally say that this year is my senior year. Go class of 2012! I’m not really expecting it to be anything like High School Freaking Musical because it’s kinda hard to sing your way through six AP classes, college applications, and activities like Mock Trial. Too bad my life isn’t a Disney movie.

For college, I hope to attend Northwestern University for journalism. After attending the California Scholastic Press Association journalism workshop, I now know that I want to pursue multi-media and online journalism. Hence, the blog.

So sit back, relax, and keep clicking back here for updates about my senior year and the funny/awkward/memorable events that I will encounter. Just don’t expect me to sing about them.

Mia Colvin


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