Top 3 stress relievers

With school just around the corner, I am of course scrambling to get all my summer homework done. Oops. No matter how many times I’ve been in this procrastination situation, I seem to never learn. And as a natural and annoying consequence, I get really stressed out. And when I get really stressed out, this is embarrassing, but I tend to pick at my eyelashes.

I’m sure you just got creeped out or think that I’m crazy, but there is a legit backstory to this. I’ve told a few people this story and it’s quite funny. Well to me at least.

When I was living in Missouri, I had to go to day care at KinderCare. And then the center closed down, so then my sister and I got put into another day care called La Petite. I totally hated it. First off, they pronounced my last name like “Calvin” despite the fact there is no freaking “a” in my last name at all. Second, they didn’t provide hot dog buns with the hot dogs. Like, really? Who does that? And when I brought in a store-bought doughnut, I had to eat it in the lobby because the other kids would “get jealous”. Again, really?

So yeah I hated it. And then I remembered what my mom said: whenever an eyelash falls out, you get to make a wish. So what do I do? I plucked my eyelashes out and wished to not be at Le Petit. To my credit, I was like six, so I have an excuse for being totally stupid. And it worked– I didn’t have to go there anymore. But that’s because we moved here to Irvine.

Ever since then, it’s been a habit and sometimes I have eyelashes, bald spots on my lids, or barely any. And during the school year, I’ve noticed that my eyelashes are gone because of all the stress. Yeah, junior year was that bad. So don’t be too surprised if my eyelids are bald during the college applcation process.

Obviously, I need a new stress reliever because my eyes look better with mascara on, and I can’t wear it if I don’t have any lashes.

So here is a list of three alternate stress relievers that others found to be helpful.

1. A Stress Ball:     I guess there is something comforting about squeezing a ball in your hand. These balls come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized with a smiley face or a picture of Orlando Bloom. Stress balls help the squeezer focus in long term sitting positions, according to medical research. Not only do they relieve stress, but you can exercise your hand and strengthen it at the same time. I love killing two birds with one stone, or in this case, one ball. I did use one of these before but it was really squishy and I ended up getting really frustrated and it gone torn to shreds. I might have other issues than stress…

2. Primal Scream:     At Northwestern (oh, how I love this school) during finals, there is a designated time for the students to go to the campus quad and just let out a blood curtling scream. Sometimes, that’s all you need. I definitely wouldn’t mind doing this, but I don’t think my parents or neighbors would appreciate this. Which is why I would do it. Ha!

3. Pet a Kitty or Dog:     I was reading in Reader’s Digest about cancer patients who are given dogs to pet. According to the theory behind it, petting is relaxing and therapeutic. Personally, I don’t have a furry animal to pet, so I can just go to best friend McKenna’s house and pet her multiple animals. Just not her cats because they creep me out.

I guess now that I came up with all these solutions, I don’t really have an excuse to have bald eyelids. Now you know if I’m “touching my eye”, I’m not really scratching it, but relieving stress. So keep me accountable! Or just hand me your fluffy dog.


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