Shout out to the hotties!

After the success of last night’s list, I decided to make another. This one, however, is about my personal specialty: celebrity hotties. After all, I was awarded the “Teenage Dream Award” at CSPA journalism camp. Here it goes:

1. Orlando Bloom

This really shoudn’t have come as a surprise that he is my number one. I’ve been obsessed with this rarity since fourth grade. I have had my fair share of I Love Orando watches, yearly calendars, photobooks, and even an authentic signature from him. Thanks eBay! My life was complete when I got to see him at Disneyland for the Pirates premiere. Sucks for me that he is now married to Miranda Kerr and has a baby boy. And Miranda is a Victoria Secret. How am I supposed to compete with that?

2. Alexander Skarsgard

Whoah, like whoah! Alexander Skarsgard is my new obsession, and I think it is pretty obvious as to why. Just look at him! On True Blood, Skarsgard is a semi-evil/cynical player vampire. I seriously wouldn’t mind being bitten by him. Awkward connection to Orlando: Skarsgard dated Kate Bosworth, who dated Orlando Bloom, who worked with Skarsgard’s dad on Pirates of the Caribbean. Awko taco!

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to Leo being the new Gatsby in Baz Luhrmann’s adaption of The Great Gatsby. I’m positive that Leo will bring the same class and desperation Robert Redford conveyed really well in the original version. And if he doesn’t, oh well, I’ll still love you Leo!

Did I miss out on any other A-list hotties? Let me know!


One thought on “Shout out to the hotties!

  1. Alexa Little

    So, I think that Alexander should DEFINITELY be first… but not on your list… on mine. 🙂 He is the sexiest man alive! And he broke up with Kate, so we have – I mean I – have a chance. 😉


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