Link Leaders start off with a BANG!

Well, what a day!

Link Cru put on its biggest shin dig today: LINK CRU FRESHMAN ORIENTATION! I look forward to this day every year because we show all the incoming freshman what it means to be apart of Beckman and all the positive outlets offered. Here is a recap of what went down.

1. The Traditional Gauntlet:     This is probably one of my favorite parts. All 170 Link Leaders, clad in blue, lined up and welcomed the Class of 2015 in a tunnel-like formation. We were all cheering, clapping, high-fiving, dancing, singing, and just being enthusiastic as over 300 freshmen walked through the doors. It’s interesting to see all the different expressions on their faces: excitement, awkwardness, and just those who simply don’t want to smile. But we welcome all!

2. Meeting My Freshmen:     Each freshman is assigned two leaders and a group. My partner is McKenna and I have to say, we have a pretty great group of kids. Go Group 66! All the groups were done by random so at first they were of course timid to be with new people that they didn’t even know. So McKenna and I tried to be funny about our clown theme and they loosened up a bit. The best part is that the group is very diverse. We have a freshmen on the soccer team, in band, cross country, one has a job as a club promoter. Each has an important story to tell that is worth hearing.

3. The Activities:     After sharing our Life Stories, it was pretty clear that almost everyone wanted to go sky diving as something they’d like to do in their lifetime. How cool is that? During 64 Squares, communication was crucial, but it was hard to get them to help each other out. The activity required them to cross a river of paper squares and they could only step on the “rocks”, if not they had to turn back the way they came. It took about 20 minutes for them to get to the other side. I wish they would have communicated more and been more open with each other. They are all in this together, why not help each other out?

4. Tour:     The orientation dwindled down with a campus tour. McKenna and I managed to show them every single monument, window, and important classroom withing 45 minutes. Score! I realized that it is actually really hard to walk backwards and talk at the same time. I know get why college campus tour guides want you to shout out when they are about to hit something. It is quite common to back into those danged trees on campus. (Why are they in the middle of the hallway?)

5. Dance-off:     So this was totally unplanned, but our ASB President JD challenged another group to a dance-off. Uhhhhhhhhh, yeah. But this one freshman, Michael, was really good and won the crowd’s attention. That is one kid who will make things happen during his four years here. And that is exactly what us Link Leaders want to see.

What I really appreciate about Link Cru is the fact that these freshman are put into a diverse group to learn on. They are coming onto a new campus with new rules, expectations, and lifestyle. They need guidance, even if they don’t admit they do. That’s what us leaders are here to do. Every single freshman knows at least two juniors or seniors that they can rely on. Who wouldn’t want that coming into a new domain?

This year, Link Cru has adopted a motto: NEGU, which stand for Never Ever Give Up. NEGU is a foundation founded by a 12-year old girl Jessie Rees. Jessie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. But she responded with a positive outlook and decided to give back with her Joy Jars. You can watch the full story here:

Link Cru’s mentality is that if she can take the time to do this, then we can take the time to reach out to our freshmen and make a difference with them.

I am looking foward to getting to know all my freshmen this year. Shoutout to McKenna, Chasen, Amy, Jaime, Daisy, Homaira, Tejna, and Shane!


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