Ronald McDonald is my new BFF

I am so over studying at Panera and Barnes and Nobles. I get that us students come in and take up your tables, but we are still buying your expensive food and put up with your slowness while making our caramel macchiatos.

So yeah, I’m over it.

There are plenty of other places that offer WiFi and have comfortable tables to sit at. Namely, McDonald’s.

Although the chain definitely has a stigma about it, McDonald’s is a better alternate for students. At first, I was totally iffy about studying at McDonald’s because it is McDonald’s.  But it’s seriously the greatest.

I was really surprised when I saw on a sign that McDonald’s offered WiFi. Internet access has become so necessary when studying that even if I’m doing math, I find myself on the internet (thank you, YouTube math tutorials). And to connect, it’s free!

McDonald’s also has a spacious area for students to study with access to power outlets to charge your laptops. That is one thing Barnes lacks. It is completely inconvenient to not have any outlets in a cafe. Where people study. And use laptops. Which don’t last forever.

And thanks McDonald’s for providing comfy booths that aren’t ripped (ahem, Panera) and tables that are always wiped down. The renovations Mickey D’s did a couple of years ago did them quite a service. The chain – which is usually associated with nastiness – has a cleaner look that doesn’t make it feel like you are eating at just a fast food chain.

Ok ok ok. I know that the food at McDonald’s is…you know, yucky. But no one says you have to buy the burgers there, ok? (And for the record, McDonald’s has changed the way the food is made.) The McCafe offers coffee, mocha fraps, lattes, etc. for a lot cheaper. I know that whenever I go to Barnes or Panera, I always ending up buying something and then I regret it later in the week when I realize thatI have no money in my wallet. McCafe is much cheaper than any drink at Barnes/Panera.

So next time Barnes/Panera kicks you out (because you know they have), take shelter at Mickey D’s and enjoy your cheap Mocha Frappe while writing your essay with free WiFi.


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