Noises of the night

I genuinely enjoy my sleep. If I was able to sleep 12 hours a night, I would do it. There is something so zen about snuggling in my bed with the covers tightly wrapped around me and Purple (my blankie) at my side. So when my blissful sleep gets interrupted, I am not very happy. Not happy at all.

And that is exactly what happened last night. First off, I couldn’t even go to bed until, like, 2 am (damn cheap coffee refills) so I stayed up and did some homework. Ok, I did plan to stay up late to do homework, but not that late! And my hand was spazzing so I coudn’t even type. At that point I just gave up and went into bed. Which leads me to my next point…

Secondly, do you know how many freaking noises my house and neighbrohood make while I am sleeping? A bajillion! It’s really weird because randomly, the wall behind my head will make a popping noise. The kind of noise like if the house was stretching and at the acme of the stretch, it would just pop. If that makes sense. That noise always gets to me! I literally jolt awake whenever I hear it and then I get paranoid that someone is in the house.

And those darned phones! I turn mine on silent because I don’t want to be awakened by a text or sometimes a call (Daniel Rojas, I’m talking about you here). But I put my phone on my night stand next to my iHome alarm clock. Apparently when you are about to receive a text, the freaking satellite signal is interfered by the stupid alarm clock and makes that static hiss. Again and again and again until my eyes pop open to see what’s up. When I realize that it’s just my alarm clock, I have a strong urge to chuck it across the room.

Not all disturbing noises happend during the night–the morning is full of them too. Today is Tuesday which means that it is Trash Day. So exactly at 7:30 AM, I can hear the obnoxious roar of that obnoxious machine on wheels. To make things worse, I had my window open which intensified the noise and made it ten times louder than necessary. And as a lazy person, I didn’t want to get up to close the window. Oh, but I don’t get to hear it once. No, the way my street works is that the truck has to circle back around to collect my neighbor across the street’s trash. After the truck passes my house, I get over it and am able to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later, I again hear that distinct vvrrroooooooooommmmm. And I am again not happy.

I already sleep with an eye mask to block out the light. Maybe it’s time for some ear plugs.


One thought on “Noises of the night

  1. Chris Colvin

    But if you sleepwith ear plugs, you will not hear the smoke detector when it goes off…Oh wait, you don’t hear them anyways.


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