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How I remember 9/11

Where were you on 9/11? Our nation pauses to remember.

I was 7, 10 days before my 8th birthday. I don’t remember waking up, getting changed, or any other mundane day-to-day routines. I do remember standing in my parents’ room, with my mom to the right, watching the TV. It was the older, bulkier TV. On it was the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, engulfed in dark, black smoke. It was a clear, cloudless blue sky–a day not meant for such horror.

At first, I didn’t understand. All I saw was two structures burning. I didn’t comprehend that it was a terrorist attack or that it wasn’t an accident.

This was just before school had started, so all four attacks had already occured. I don’t remember if there was any contemplation if I would go to school or not, but I did end up going. I was in Mrs. Vela’s second grade class and if I remember correctly, the majority of the class was there. The attacks were addressed, but the whole day was not centered around it. Us students were not given a clear, direct explanation of what had occured.

Ten years later, I find myself looking at old YouTube videos of the attacks and trying to get a better glimpse at what went down that day. On live television, you can see the second plane hit the second tower. Live. That is something you see in the movies, sure. But something that is happening in real life? Unbelievable…

Where were you on 9/11?


I’m a SENIO12, betch.

For the longest time, I have been looking forward to my SENIO12 (the 12 forms an “R”) year. Disney Channel made a movie about it (HSM: Senior Year, remember?) and it’s not even that. There is something that makes you want to say hoo-rah about being Big Man on Campus. And now that it’s here, I’m not really seeing it as how I wanted it to be.

That could probably be because my schedule got totally screwed over and instead of taking a full six-course load, I have now had to down size to a five period day. And the lanyards. I understand why we have to wear them, but I still think it’s the stupidest thing ever. If some intruder really wanted to come onto campus, they could just buy a lanyard at Target. What. Ever.

In case you haven’t noticed, my senior year really hasn’t been going too well so far. It’s not what I wanted it to be.

But I still have the highest hopes and plans for my senior year.

First off, college apps is where it’s at right now! I’ve started the informational boring unintellectual part of it but that’s about it. I already have some essays written, but I feel the ones I have now could be twenty times better. Yeah, but these really are going to take a long time so it is time do them……now! Well, maybe not this second…

Mock Trial just went from being an after school activity to help me become a more articulate speaker to plain fun! It has now become my baby after taking it over from Lauren and I’m pumped to see the program grow. Flyers went up for the informational meeting last Friday and the meeting is on Thursday (for those interested). As the president, I am looking forward to planning and running all the practices and watching the noobs go from bad to less bad. Ha! No, but my goal is to have everyone improve on at least one aspect of the trial process. And personally, I want to improve. I want to be able to deliver those sketchy objections with confidence, even if I’m wrong. I want to memorize an entire closing without cues from the paper. And I want to have an intimidating presence in the courtroom.

Academically, I want to do the best I can. Realistically, all A’s are not going to happen (physics taught me one thing) and I know that. So let’s just see how the course plays out and if an A is a stretch, I will still go for it. For me, senior year has to be my strongest year academically so let’s see how this goes.

And in between all this academic stress, I want to have fun. That means, going to all football games (senior pit, anyone?) and dances and just enjoying the time left with the besties. College is just a mere year away and this is the last time I can see everyone everyday. So here’s to senior year. I’m going to make the best and the most of it! Go class of 2012!

Beauty really is pain

In ancient China, women’s feet were bound with bandanges to prevent them from growing. The foot would then break multiple times and could never be fixed.

Oh. My. God. This just sounds so excrutiating, right? Well, yeah. But in Chinese culture, it was considered beautiful for women to have small feet, at a cost nonetheless. Foot-binding even prevented women from walking without support. Which brings me to my point, is it worth it to sacrifice your comfort for looking good? In The Clique novels by Lisi Harrison, the main character Massie says, “It’s more important to look hot, than to feel hot.” Do you agree? Read about some more instances where comfort is compromised.

High Heels/New Shoes
Beauty: When I was told by Bank of America to validate my debit card with a purchase, I immediately went out at bought two pairs of shoes.  I love how high heels instantly elevate a day outfit to night and how a wedge elongates your legs. Shoes really do complete an outfit and that’s why people buy them a lot. The Real Housewives even have whole closets dedicated to shoes.  
Pain: Ok, so the shoe looks great and all, but holy crap, breaking them in is one of the worst things ever! I got a pair of Sperry boat shoes and they were super stiff. It took me a good three weeks to break them in, and my feet still get blisters. And high heels! Even after they are broken in, they still manage to make your foot look, and feel, ten times bigger. They should be called high hells, dammit! I can’t help but to let out a whimper when I take them off, it hurts that bad. 
Verdict: Worth it, high heels complete your look in a way that a headband can’t.

Beauty: Waxing comes with a special benefit in that the hair is completely removed from the folicle, whereas shaving only removes the visible part of the hair. After a wax, the hair takes a while to grow back in, for a smoother skin surface. 
Pain: If you don’t know what a waxing entails, it’s pretty painful. First, HOT wax is smothered all over your skin. Then the lady takes a piece of paper and presses it over the area to be waxed. Then, without warning, your hair is removed from your skin, painfully. The worst part of it is the anticipation. It’s like going to the doctors and getting a shot: they count to three before they stick you with a needle. Same thing here. I cringe every time, expecting the pain. And when the actual paper is ripped from your face/leg/underarm, it’s not pleasant. It feels like a rugburn. And if you get your brows, or mustache or whatever done, it’s like a rugburn. On your face. Think about that.
Verdict: Not worth it. Unless you look like a Geico caveman, don’t even bother.

Beauty: What isn’t beautiful about makeup? It’s amazing how a little liner and eyeshadow can make your eyes pop. Or how a simple foundation rub can hide that icky zit. If you don’t get the beauty of makeup, go put some on. It’s that simple.
Pain: Ok, this pain isn’t really a physical pain (unless you stab your eyeball with the liner pencil), but more of a financial pain. To get the good kind of makeup (the one that lasts a while and doesn’t get all pasty) you have to be willing to spend a little more than you wanted. At MAC, I spent about $50 for some liner, eyeshadow, primer, and powder. Liner alone costs $14. And after a while, your wallet could start to feel a leetle lighter.
Verdict: Eh, it depends. Use your judgement: if you have to have it, splurge, if not, well, there is always Target.

Curling Irons/Straighteners
Beauty: Having the option of different hairstyles is always fun. Enter a curling iron. They offer the versatility for creating a fancier look or whatever else you need. Or if your hair needs to be straightened to avoid the morning frizz, perfect! My sister depends on her straightener everyday. And her hair really does look good after.
Pain: Hmm, so having a steaming hot metal device near your face must come with some pain risks, right? Duh! I have heard so many stories about how people have burnt their skin from a curling/flat iron, it’s ridiculous! Once when I was six or something, my dad (I know, right) had to curl my hair for a dance recital. It is no surprise that five minutes into it, he burned the nape of my neck. Thanks, Dad.
Verdict: Worth it. Just don’t have your dad curl your hair.

Beauty: So what Spanx does is that it smooths out your body, making it slimmer. Think of it as a modern day girdle. It sucks everything in so that wearing a pencil skirt or tight dress doesn’t make you totally self-conscious.
Pain: Tight material that constantly clings to your body. That sounds like a big problem to me. What if you had to go to the bathroom? Would you be able to shimmy out of it quick enough? Probably not. And I would just feel so clausterphobic in that; you’d see me pulling at it constantly. Total-body spandex does not sound comfortable at all.
Verdict: Not worth it. Not all tight clothes fit everyone right. Find something flattering that you don’t have to go through hell to wear.

And by the way, Chinese women no longer bind their feet. So what do you think? Is waxing the modern day equivalent of foot-binding? Ha! Probably not, but it still does hurt.