A warning for Collegeboard

Dear Collegebaord,
     Ah, so we meet again. Only this time, I’m not being faced against your AP test, yet your other, darker spawn of evil: the SAT. What makes your creation so feared is that it is 10 sections of doom and almost four dreadful hours. But what almost kills me is the fact that you choose to administer the test on a Saturday. At 7:45. Thus, I awaken at an ungodly hour to prepare myself for battle.
     My pencils are as sharp as a blade. My calculator is loaded with fresh batteries. My snack is tucked away in a Ziploc. I am ready with all my tools. Yet, my biggest weapon that I shall weild upon you tomorrow is my brain! Muhahaha! You may have prepared some crazy distractors, yet I will conquer them. You may have included an extra Critical Reading section, but that’s the one I studied most for. You may have ensured that an evil proctor minion with bad body odor will create a distracting environment. I don’t have anything for that, so one point for you.
     But despite your evil plot, I will succeed! My brain of steel will outsmart your smarty pants and conquer! So put anything at me, really. I have faced your ridiculous nature and photography prompts, so give me another stupid prompt, like food. Bring it! I’m ready Collegeboard.
     See you tomorrow promptly at 7:45. Watch out, because I will own you.

Mia Colvin
SAT Champion


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