Superficially motivated, but I’m feeling groovy

Applying for my first set of internships has gone from completely intangible to so close to my face that I’m cross-eyed. One of them focuses on social media and seeing that I spend too much time searching for random hashtags and incognitos, this internship seems to have fallen from social media god’s skies.

In my first ever cover letter (gasp!), I mention this blog. Well that awkward moment when I realized that I haven’t updated it in a while. No, obviously I’m not dead; just forgot how much I love to write and be a silly goose. I came back to look at what needed to be updated (turns out a lot) and I read some of these old articles. And weirdly, I still get random hits from random people. To random people: THANK YOU! I’ll try to entertain you some more. To my family/ friends/ stalkers: I doubt you even check this anymore.

Regardless, I love to write. I love to obsessively check my stats. I love this. I’m feeling invigorated to dedicate more time to my personal blog. I’m ready to begin Phase Two of! Stick with me and I’ll stick with this.



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