About Me

1Well, hi there and welcome to my blog! Here, you can find posts about myself, my opinions, or just general thoughts about the world I live in. This blog is all me, so in a way, is the best representation of myself.

I started my blog after coming back from California Scholastic Press Association journalism workshop the summer before my senior year of high school. There, I found my passion for journalism and sharing the news with my community, however small it may be. Currently, I plan on pursuing a career in journalism, especially some kind of online journalism. My dream job is working as a travel writer/blogger so that I can see the world while doing what I love best. Until then, I’m a second year undergrad at UC Davis majoring in International Relations and Spanish. Go Aggies!

I’m currently obsessed with driving those red Unitrans buses, rocking out to Ke$ha, decorating my blank canvas of an apartment, and embarrassing myself doing yoga. Trust me, the list goes on…

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@MiaColvin) and check out my other blog about my pre and post experiences with jaw surgery, which I had done in January 2012. See you again, right?


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