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You Have to Spend Money in Order to Spend Even More Money

I know for a fact that you seniors are pulling your hair out over college applications. You are stressing about the obviously superfluous fluff in your essay. You are stressing because your counselor has still not sent in required forms to your schools. You are stressing about which extracirruclar has more meaning to an admissions counselor.

Well, here is something else to stress about: fees. Think about it. For my personal college expenses, I’m positive that I’ve spent about $750. So let’s add it up.

Alright, first up is the application fees. I’m applying to eleven schools. Emory University and Mizzou are $50. Cal Poly SLO and Cal State Long Beach are $55. UC Davis is $60. Northwestern University, USC, and American University are $65. Syracuse University and Northeastern University are $70. And last but not least is Boston University at the highest of my list with a price tag of $75. Just right here that is $680!

Next are the costs of sending my SAT scores. Since I got to send my scores to four schools for free (bless you CollegeBoard, really, bless you), I only had to pay for seven schools. The cost for sending all SAT scores and AP scores is $10. It was a total cost of $70. I’m exactly at $750.

And I cannot neglect the community college transcripts, no siree! Those costs $3 to send to universities. But since UC’s and Cal States don’t want transcripts, I only had to send out eight transcripts. Add in another $24. Oh boy, my estimation was almost perfect.

My grand total is $774! And I’m not even paying tuition yet! This is absolutely insane! I could go into how CollegeBoard is a complete scam for money, but that’s a blog for another day.

Of course, there are the “fee waivers”. But let’s get real: we all know that the middle class does not qualify for financial waivers. At all. And my family is not uber rich to the point where we can be casual about $774.

So who ends up paying this lump sum? Not me, thank God. The burden lies with my lovely parents Emmie and Chris. Aw, how much I love them! I know that paying that much is not convenient, and comes at the price of eating bologna skins and eggshells for dinner sometimes. Thanks Mom and Dad for your support!

So all you cracked out stressed seniors should stop for a moment and give your Emmie and Chris a genuine thanks. And politely remind them that they will soon be dropping a “couple” more G’s.


A warning for Collegeboard

Dear Collegebaord,
     Ah, so we meet again. Only this time, I’m not being faced against your AP test, yet your other, darker spawn of evil: the SAT. What makes your creation so feared is that it is 10 sections of doom and almost four dreadful hours. But what almost kills me is the fact that you choose to administer the test on a Saturday. At 7:45. Thus, I awaken at an ungodly hour to prepare myself for battle.
     My pencils are as sharp as a blade. My calculator is loaded with fresh batteries. My snack is tucked away in a Ziploc. I am ready with all my tools. Yet, my biggest weapon that I shall weild upon you tomorrow is my brain! Muhahaha! You may have prepared some crazy distractors, yet I will conquer them. You may have included an extra Critical Reading section, but that’s the one I studied most for. You may have ensured that an evil proctor minion with bad body odor will create a distracting environment. I don’t have anything for that, so one point for you.
     But despite your evil plot, I will succeed! My brain of steel will outsmart your smarty pants and conquer! So put anything at me, really. I have faced your ridiculous nature and photography prompts, so give me another stupid prompt, like food. Bring it! I’m ready Collegeboard.
     See you tomorrow promptly at 7:45. Watch out, because I will own you.

Mia Colvin
SAT Champion